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God the Sunday Life Coach

This Sunday I was listening to my pastor share the sermon and realized that I wasn’t just listening to him, but at the same time I was hearing God ask me pertinent questions! As a life coach, I am usually the one doing all the asking, listening to my client and being led by God during a session to craft compelling questions that will pull out an important and connecting awareness. Try it for yourself next Sunday or the next time you hear an inspiring talk. Don’t just listen, take notes and file it away! Connect with Him, your inner voice and what important things are going on in your life that you need answers for, or courage to complete or an expanded vision to move forward with … listen for the pertinent questions. And answer as best you can in the moment. Your Sunday Life Coach will lead you forward!

I would love to hear what your Sunday Life Coach asked you this week!

He asked me to elaborate on why I believe that He totally understood a recent pain in my life …

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The fuel that fires my soul is helping a woman whose life is in flux to flow into a new stream and well forth from a new source.

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  1. loved your blog post! This sunday was about “what time does church start?” basically, it started when Jesus ascended into heaven and will end when He comes back. In the meantime, what is God’s plan for the church, for your life? We all have plans for ourselves but what is God’s plan? That really got me to thinking as I work on my life coaching certification. I get all worried about things turning out the way I want. But, this Sunday I felt the coaching question for me was, “What does God want for you?” and “How can you move forward in His plan as opposed to yours?” I answered- just keep working on certification one step at a time and pray and trust God to reveal the next step when it is time. Just reading your post and writing a reply is helping clarify this process. So, I got to say thanks! And, tonight I am going to read The Great Gatsby: the Dying Fall…sounds intriguing :)

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