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Reframing a Tough Day

Reframing a tough day can change your perspective, your attitude and your forward motion. As Steven Furtick from Elevation Church in Charlotte says, “You can nurse it, curse it or rehearse it … but God can help you reverse it!” When you realize you are nursing or feeding a bad attitude, or cursing someone who got in your way, or rehearsing a negative comment, just stop for a second! Look at the big picture, look for a spiritual principle or review the way you really want to live. A badly framed picture will always look askew or somehow just not right! If you could measure it, you might find that it is only off a tiny amount.

A different perspective can reverse the impact for the rest of the day. So what was off just a little bit in your tough day?

I realized that my frustration with the new gatekeeper at my condo was affecting the perspective of my whole day! By consciously choosing to see my actions through his eyes, I saw my perspective reversed and I am flooded with feelings of well-being instead!

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