Flux & Flow Coaching Program

A healthy, whole and fulfilling life can be achieved by partnering with me to explore, discover and strategize a personalized plan for you. In transition in your life? Not sure where you want to go? Or should go? Together we can tackle the tough things and implement your goals.

Here are some areas of life that I know are important for us to address. They are foundational and crucial to helping bring about change and moving forward in meaningful ways:

Overflowing Life Care – personal awareness, relationships, listening, transitional adjustments, time management, hope

Inflowing Soul Care – spiritual awareness, gratitude, prayer, generosity, biblical understanding, spiritual growth

Outflowing Vision Care – leadership style, dreaming, goal-setting, waiting, humility, vision maintenance

Flux and Flow Coaching Program Fees*:

Complimentary 30 Minute Consultation, to help you decide if you would like to partner with me to reach your goals.

Complimentary 30 Minute Find Your Flow Session, to help you understand how you can use your personality to make change more possible.

Complimentary 30 Minute Coaching Session, to get a feel for what coaching is all about.

$100 Laser Focus (2 coaching sessions, 30 minutes each, weekly emails)

$300 One Month (3 coaching sessions, 50 minutes each, unlimited emails, add’l sessions reduced rate of $50)

$700 Three Months (9 sessions, 50 minutes each, unlimited emails, add’l sessions reduced rate of $50)

Personalized Coaching Programs Available.

Programs with extended expiration dates available after first Three Months Program completed.

$300 Three Month Group Coaching (6 sessions, 80 minutes each, includes one individual 30 min session prior to start and one individual 30 min session afterwards, add’l individual sessions reduced rate of three one hour sessions for $100). Come to me with your own group of 4-8 people or check the calendar for open groups.

Group Coaching on Procrastination starting in April, details at usingtimePROactively.com .

Customized DISC and Consulting Programs Designed.

I do consulting and coach training for women’s ministries, small group ministries and small church leadership. Call me to personalize the program that is right for you. I am certified as a Human Behavior Consultant and would love to present the DISC personality profile, with or without a Spiritual Gifts Assessment, and conduct a team or a group of individual’s evaluations for you, your team, your ministry or your company.

DISC Personality Profile Workshops:

4 Hour Workshop (5-10 participants), $1000 plus DISC assessment fees, additional participants are $100/participant plus DISC assessment fees

One Day Workshop (5-10 participants), $2000 plus DISC assessment fees, additional participants are $200/participant plus DISC assessment fees

Personalized Programs Available.

Scaled Pricing Available.  Just Ask.

Pay by PayPal, Credit Card or Check.

100% guaranteed. All unused portions, according to regular pricing, not including discounts, will be refunded, no questions asked.

*NEW pricing (ACC Certification reached) as of 6/5/15.

*Official PCC Certification (over 500 hours of coaching already reached) by 10/1/17 will increase prices again, moderately. Take advantage of lower prices before then.


Amanda Bailey, ICF Certified Professional Life Coach, ACC, CCI Certified Christian Life Coach

M-F 9:00a – 7:00p EST

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