Month: August 2014

Social Reality

Face it! (Or should that be Facebook it). Yesterday’s highly criticized virtual reality has become today’s social reality. Yesterday’s faking it online is becoming today’s making it real code of authenticity online. Now more healthy people are using social media as a legitimate means to keep in touch, get in touch and touch new friends! Fakers are more easily spotted and hopefully drowned out by this influx of people committed to the new social reality. What kind of experience have you had with fakers, friends and “faces”, either as a social media user or presenter? Please hold me accountable to be authentic on this blog and on other Social Media sites I use to “keep in touch, get in touch and touch new friends.”

Reframing a Tough Day

Reframing a tough day can change your perspective, your attitude and your forward motion. As Steven Furtick from Elevation Church in Charlotte says, “You can nurse it, curse it or rehearse it … but God can help you reverse it!” When you realize you are nursing or feeding a bad attitude, or cursing someone who got in your way, or rehearsing a negative comment, just stop for a second! Look at the big picture, look for a spiritual principle or review the way you really want to live. A badly framed picture will always look askew or somehow just not right! If you could measure it, you might find that it is only off a tiny amount. A different perspective can reverse the impact for the rest of the day. So what was off just a little bit in your tough day? I realized that my frustration with the new gatekeeper at my condo was affecting the perspective of my whole day! By consciously choosing to see my actions through his eyes, I saw my perspective reversed and I …

God the Sunday Life Coach

This Sunday I was listening to my pastor share the sermon and realized that I wasn’t just listening to him, but at the same time I was hearing God ask me pertinent questions! As a life coach, I am usually the one doing all the asking, listening to my client and being led by God during a session to craft compelling questions that will pull out an important and connecting awareness. Try it for yourself next Sunday or the next time you hear an inspiring talk. Don’t just listen, take notes and file it away! Connect with Him, your inner voice and what important things are going on in your life that you need answers for, or courage to complete or an expanded vision to move forward with … listen for the pertinent questions. And answer as best you can in the moment. Your Sunday Life Coach will lead you forward! I would love to hear what your Sunday Life Coach asked you this week! He asked me to elaborate on why I believe that …