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Why Flux & Flow?

As you can imagine, it took many days of good old-fashioned work and using some of those new mind-mapping tools to find the symbols and words that reflected my heart, my passions and my goals for this blog. So, you might ask, why Flux & Flow?

The fire that fuels my soul is helping a woman whose life is in transition. Will you be able to see yourself and your strengths clearly? Can you figure out your new surroundings and shift into a new dream? May I help you discover your own uniqueness and how you are essential to the world you now live in?

My own life is in flux far more than I might like to admit, but then again, I value change. My friends say I like change for change’s sake, but sometimes a change is as good as a rest! That’s where you will usually find me … flowing into a change. New exercise program, new friends, new tennis team, new diet, new calling.

Definition of flux from dictionary.com: Continuous change, passage or movement.

Definition of flow from dictionary.com: To move along in a stream or well forth from a source.

Flux & Flow: change and move forward.

Is your life in flux? Are you ready to harness the positive energy and ignore the negative energy that comes from changes in life? Fast Company editor Bob Safian profiles Generation Flux on his website. The blogger Behance from 99U describes Safian’s Generation Flux this way: “a new breed of unsentimental, risk-taking, self-inventing creative professionals who are comfortable living – and thriving – in chaos.”

Reading that article helped me realize how I had always had the feeling that being in flux was not a good thing! That it was a thing you needed to fix or change or redirect. I began to envision a life where I didn’t have to justify the flux in it. I realized that it might really be a very good thing. I began to visualize my life more clearly and all the change I go through. I could now see all the positive movement that keeps me engaged with life, with people and with God.

So then why add the flow part? I am not really convinced, Mr. Safian, although continual chaos may work for renegade entrepreneurs, that it is a state of mind that applies totally to a person’s life. A businessman is intent on producing some type of product, be it a physical gadget or a helpful service. A person is intent on producing some viable form of life. Something a bit more organic, something that connects with reality, something that tastes good to the soul.

What is stirring around in your soul these days?

What kind of transitions are in flux in your life?

What is the flow of your life moving you toward?

I would love to explore these questions with you and discover together the connections that matter. To let ourselves loose on the current of life; drifting, falling, and rising toward a kind of life that overflows into our soul.

Please share with me your thoughts about flux and flow in your own life.

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The fuel that fires my soul is helping a woman whose life is in flux to flow into a new stream and well forth from a new source.

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